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Achieve Innovation
The areas that I focus on in relation to innovation within football are:
  • Process Knowledge and information relating to problems & ideas where innovation can achieve solutions and success
  • Concept During the innovation process the term concept refers to examining the potential of the innovation ideas
  • Culture Knowledge relating to creating an organisational culture which embraces creativity and openness regarding new ideas
  • Product Knowledge relating to product innovation is the development & launch of a new product, method or service that directly affects the challenging area.

By completely understanding these areas you will be able to utilise innovation to successfully implement a new idea and create a value for your organisation, business or team.

Football Innovation
Football Innovation within GP Consultancy team means progress for adolescent athletes. The encouragement and support provided both as a coach and a scientist that can be the determining factor for their success. Enabling progress through skill development, movement and physical performance both on and off the field, GP Consultancy have been at the forefront of football-related technologies.

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